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Can I apply talcum powder after applying anti-perspirant?

Talcum powder helps to absorb moisture so applying it under your arms could help absorb sweat. However, if you’ve already correctly applied anti-perspirant, this will be enough to protect you for up to 48 hours, depending on the product you choose and how much you sweat. You can find out more about how to apply spray and roll-on anti-perspirant the right way here.

Can I shower with anti-perspirant on?

Yes. If you apply the product before you go to bed, you can shower as normal in the morning without worrying about washing off your anti-perspirant. Just make sure you don’t shower straight after applying anti-perspirant and before it’s dried as it will lose its effectiveness.

This is because the ingredients that plug your sweat ducts stay active for around 48 hours. If you apply anti-perspirant at night, the active ingredients in the product will have plenty of time to work and having a shower the following morning won’t wash them off.

If you’re worried about body odour throughout the day, you can apply deodorant in the morning for extra peace of mind.

When was anti-perspirant invented?

The first anti-perspirant was launched in 1903. However, it took a while to catch on as many people were cautious about this brand-new product and thought it unnecessary. Deodorant’s origins go back further as the first product was patented in 1888.

Why don’t all anti-perspirants contain alcohol?

Some anti-perspirants contain alcohol as it dries quickly and gives a cool, refreshing feeling when applied to the skin. However, because alcohol can cause the skin to dry out and is a known irritant which can sting sensitive skin, many anti-perspirants no longer contain it. All of Soft & Gentle’s deodorants and anti-perspirants are alcohol-free – you can view the full range here.

How long does anti-perspirant work for?

This will depend on the brand you choose but most anti-perspirants work for at least 24 hours. How much you sweat is also a factor. If you’ve been sweating excessively (such as on a hot day or during a workout), you can expect the effects of the anti-perspirant to wear off much sooner. Once the active ingredient in the product has blocked your sweat glands, you can enjoy being sweat-free until the effects of the anti-perspirant wear off.

How long does a can of anti-perspirant last?

This all depends on the size of your anti-perspirant can and how often you use it.

Is men’s anti-perspirant stronger than women’s?

As men tend to sweat more or differently, some anti-perspirant for men will reflect in the formulation and may have more active ingredients in the formula or different ingredients. However, this may vary from brand to brand.

Is body spray deodorant?

No, body sprays are great for providing a scent you love and helping to mask odour, but they only cover body odour, rather than preventing it like deodorant does.

Body sprays function more like perfume, providing a fresh scent for a few hours. If you only use body sprays on their own, you will find that body odour and sweat are still a problem, so using body spray and deodorant together is the best option.

What is the difference between deodorant, body spray and anti-perspirant?

Many people think that deodorant, body spray and anti-perspirant are the same things, but there are subtle differences:


Deodorant is great for combatting body odour. It neutralises the reaction between your sweat and the bacteria on your skin which can cause unpleasant odours. However, it doesn’t prevent perspiration.
Anti-perspirant deodorants are available, but unless your deodorant contains an active ingredient (such as aluminium salts), it will just help to prevent body odour.


Anti-perspirants works to plug and block your sweat glands to reduce the amount you. Unlike deodorant, it actively works to reduce the amount you sweat, this has the added bonus of helping to prevent the dreaded sweat patches on your clothes.


Deodorants and anti-perspirants are full of ingredients that prevent body odour and sweating, but body sprays will just mask the scent of body odour or make you smell nice for a few hours. They are very similar to perfumes and do nothing to prevent sweating or body odour.

Can deodorant or anti-perspirant spray be sent in the post?

Yes, you can send deodorant and anti-perspirant sprays in the post in the UK, however, you are only able to send a maximum of two aerosols by post. They can also be sent internationally through a special courier and not through normal post. There are also restrictions on how you package them and send them so double check your courier’s restrictions before sending anything.

If you were to send a roll-on product, you would not have to follow the same guidelines as they’re not restricted.

Can you wear deodorant or anti-perspirant before a spray tan?

The short answer is no. Deodorants and anti-perspirants create a barrier to spray tan so if you do wear them and go for a spray tan, you’ll be left with white patches under your arms!

How long does it take for anti-perspirant to dry?

Spray deodorant dries instantly, but as roll-on is applied as a liquid, it will take two to three minutes to dry properly. Allowing the product time to dry properly will ensure the active ingredients work effectively to block your pores, help you sweat less throughout the day and reduce the likeliness of marks on your clothes.

How to make anti-perspirant more effective?

There are so many common mistakes when it comes to applying anti-perspirant which can reduce its effectiveness. One of the biggest mistakes is putting it on as soon as you get out of the shower when your armpits are still damp. Make sure your armpits are clean and dry before applying anti-perspirant to allow it to work properly.

If you’re using roll-on, make sure you apply a thin layer (a couple of swipes under each armpit is enough) or you’ll find it’ll take even longer to dry! And always wait until it’s completely dry before putting your clothes or on, otherwise it will just wipe off onto your clothing and it won’t work properly, and will leave white or yellow stains on your clothes.

What is anti-perspirant deodorant?

Deodorant helps to protect against odour by neutralising the bacteria that causes sweat to smell, while anti-perspirant helps to reduce perspiration. The two work best together by preventing you from perspiring while, at the same time, preventing odour should any sweat breakthrough.

You can buy anti-perspirant deodorant which does the job of both in one product. Just check the packaging as this will tell you whether you’re buying anti-perspirant, deodorant or anti-perspirant deodorant.

Can i use anti-perspirant with deodorant?

Yes you can, although many people won’t need to apply both, it just depends on whether you want to tackle sweat and body odour. If you find you suffer from body odour but don’t sweat too much, you might want to just use deodorant. If you find sweat is more of a problem than body odour, then opt for anti-perspirant. If you need a little help with sweat and body odour, then apply anti-perspirant and deodorant, or use a product that contains both. The combination of product you choose is all down to personal preference.

Are anti-perspirant cans recyclable?

Yes, you can recycle anti-perspirant cans. However, this all depends on the brand. Anti-perspirant cans must be made of metal such as aluminium or tin which are 100% recyclable. You may be able to recycle them at home but, if you can’t, you can drop your cans off at a local recycling point. Recycle Now can help you find out where and how you can recycle your anti-perspirant cans. Always check the instructions on the packaging to find out whether your can be recycled.

Do showers wash off anti-perspirant?

No, having a shower shouldn’t wash your anti-perspirant off if you’ve applied it properly.

What makes anti-perspirant stop you sweating?

Anti-perspirants block the pores on the outer layer of your skin, reducing the amount of sweat that can reach the surface. 

Can anti-perspirant be put in hold luggage?

Yes, anti-perspirant in any form is perfectly fine to pack in your hold luggage as long as you’re only carrying one can.

Can you take spray deodorant or anti-perspirant in hand luggage?

To travel with spray deodorant or anti-perspirant in your hand luggage, it should be travel-sized (100ml or less) and packed into a plastic bag which fits the travel requirements of your airline. For anything bigger, it will need to be packed into your hold luggage.

The 100ml limit applies to the size of the container when full which means you can’t take a larger, half-full container and claim that you only have 100ml left.

Stick deodorants and anti-perspirants are not classed as liquids and are allowed in hand luggage, regardless of the size.

Roll-on deodorant and anti-perspirant is classed as a liquid for the purposes of air travel and will fall within the same rules as spray deodorant.

Can I take spray deodorant or anti-perspirant in hold luggage?

You can take any size and type of deodorant and anti-perspirant in your checked bags. The restrictions for hand luggage do not apply to baggage that’s carried in the hold of an aircraft. There is a limit to how many aerosol cans you can carry in any type of luggage so always check with your airline provider before flying on their particular regulations.

Is spray deodorant or anti-perspirant classed as a liquid?

Yes, anything in an aerosol can is treated in the same way as any other liquid.

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