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Soft & Gentle has been creating women’s personal care products, known for their efficacious, gentle formulations and great fragrances, for more than 40 years.

Our Skin Protect range offers long lasting protection against sweat and odour, infused with organic oils and using a choice of four fine fragrances made with ethically sourced essential oils to leave you feeling fresh, dry and confident for up to 48hrs.

Our S&G 0% Aluminium range will help reduce odour (dry deodorant range) and sweat (anti-perspirant roll on range) whilst being free of aluminium and alcohol as it is made with natural plant extracts. An alternative to your traditional everyday protection, our range offers a delicately scented, skin kind formula.

Our Classic antiperspirant collection works in harmony with your body, helping to moisturise your skin while keeping you fresh and dry.

Skin Protect Range

S&G Skin Protect range is our latest innovation. Combining 48hr sweat & odour protection, our latest range is infused with organic oils and contains beautiful, fine fragrances containing ethically sourced essential oils, suitable for even sensitive skin to help provide that lovely soft feeling to your skin so you can stay fresh all day long.

0% Aluminium Range

No aluminium, no alcohol, kind protection. An alternative to your traditional every day protection. Our S&G 0% aluminium range will help reduce odour (dry deodorant range) and sweat (anti-perspirant roll on range) whilst being free of aluminium and alcohol as it is powered by an active botanical complex.

Classic Range

Stay active with confidence. With nature inspired fragrances and 48hr protection, our classic range is perfect for those on the go. Working in harmony with your body, they help moisturise your skin while keeping you fresh and dry.

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Instagram post 18070889665081144 Another #ThrowbackThursday from our exciting Skin Protect launch event!
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Instagram post 17878307041435601 With our new Skin Protect range we carefully selected our ingredients and use organic oils to make sure our formula is gentle for skin but is one that works, time and time again. 💕

Its 48 hour protection lets you feel confident in your own skin and even better, our new fragrances are all currently half price at Boots! Let us know what you think in the comments below 😀

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Instagram post 18032648662200699 Kindness is a strength in itself and it takes roughly 66 days to build a habit, therefore we are setting all of you the challenge to perform an act of kindness and then nominate three friends to get involved too. ⁣💕
We'd love to hear your acts of kindness below, and would encourage you to get involved in the campaign. 
The world would be a much happier place if we were all just a little bit kinder, so here is your motivation to get the ball rolling. 🌿

Instagram post 17858568484515702 #ThrowbackThursday to our Skin Protect launch event. 💕 Our new fragrances getting everyone talking, have you tried them yet? Treat yourself or a friend this week with these products. Now half price from Boots

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Instagram post 18100204435044299 One sign of strength is feeling confident in yourself ❤️ Our new range of antiperspirant deodorants has been designed with delicate fragrances and 48-hour protection. Both work together on delicate skin to help keep you feeling fresh and dry all day long 🌿

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#StrengthThroughKindness #SeizeTheDay #Confidence #Kindness #Vegan #veganbeauty #skincareaddict #skincarecommunity #bodycare #beautiful #crueltyfreeskincare #selflove.
Instagram post 17975705542281425 Every day there is an opportunity to show kindness in many different ways. 💕
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Instagram post 17862119440479309 ✨ In a world where you can be anything, why not be a little kinder? ✨

Introducing our new Skin Protect range!
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Instagram post 18093833881033990 We know strength can be shown in many ways. 
Why not show strength through kindness? 💕

Join us as we start our #StrengthThroughKindness movement. 
Check out our video to find out more.
Instagram post 18089381026021387 A little act of kindness can go further than you think, do you agree? ✨

Instagram post 18089422918028493 Our random act of kindness today is giving you the chance to try a product from our new S&G Skin Protect range before anyone else! Our four delicate fragrances for delicate skin are infused with organic oils for gentle but effective 48hr sweat and odour protection 🌿

To enter tell us in the comments below your kindness pledge for this weekend! ✨ *T&Cs apply, end 12.08.19
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Instagram post 17908112650335189 How about doing something kind for someone this weekend? 
Why not offer to carry their groceries to the car 😉?
It's the little things that can make anyone's day


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